The next time you fly, remember that sitting next to the captain is another pilot who does as much work without any of the glamour.


The fighter jock may have all the glory, but the bomber crew have all the amenities.


Big is good

Since now I have my own domain at ysflight.ca, I have uploaded all the strips to that server in their original size, a glorious 1600x460 pixels. All the posts with a strip has been edited to point to the new location.

It is always better to be on the winning side...


Is there a lock smith among the passengers?


ysflight.tk up

The YSFlight English Fansite has been restored.


There is always someone like Wabash 62 in any squadron...


ysflight.tk down

The YSFlight English fansite (www.ysflight.tk) is currently down. Those who wishes to communicate with other YSTK members please head over to the YSFlight Yahoo group at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/YS_Flight/


In the beginning...

Whew! Finally have the basic "look and feel" of the site done. I think I understand enough of the nuts and bolts behind Blogger and Hello to make them do what I want them to do.

I know this is not aviation related humor, but it did take place on the flight deck of a B777, that's why it is here.

Are you ready for some football?!

(originally posted 2005.02.04)

Don't forget the guy in the front is doing the driving.

(originally posted 2005.01.25

The Swiss are peace loving.

(originally posted 2005.01.22)

The wraith of a controller.

(originally posted 2005.01.21)